We actualize challenging ideas!

We research, analyze, design, implement, productize and operate. In the journey from an idea to a product, efficiency and total quality are always our guide.
ete technology® develops education training experimentation (ETE) technologies for security, safety, defense and medicine. We offer our products which are based on our patented technologies as licensed on site solutions or in the form of platform or software as a service.

ete technology® also tailors it’s products to the exact requirements of the customers when requested. We design and deliver capabilities including our products and provide operations and maintenance support whenever and wherever needed.

Our expertise includes multichannel human machine interface, big data and information fusion, explainable artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence, hyperautomation, mechatronic, modelling and simulation, serious gaming, datacenters and cyber security.



ete technology® has delivered joint warfare and training centers. We develop concept of operations, prove the concept, design the center and deliver it as a capability including it’s doctrine, facilities, material and training. ete technology® has the complete set of software products for a joint warfare and training center that can be tailored according to the needs of the customers.

ete technology® delivers joint intelligence surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) fusion centers as a capability package including their doctrine, facilities, material and training. ete technology® has the complete set of software products for a joint ISR center including open source, measurement and signature intelligence, in short OSINT and MASINT relatively, processing and fusion software with advanced artificial intelligence support.

ete technology® provides courses on the planning, preparation and execution of the ETE3 events. Please click here to see the full list of courses.

ete technology® is a research and development company on data science including data engineering, data management, data analytics, data security and privacy. We have developed expertise and proprietary tools related to big data, machine learning, data analytics and data mining. ete technology® offers its expertise and tools to provide tailored data science support.

ete technology® provides services to support Education Training Exercises Experimentations and Evaluations (ETE3).